Your Documents are Safe – Forever.

ClassMaster comes with unlimited storage space for your documents. Save them online and stop worrying about losing them. They are automatically encrypted and backed-up every night. Thanks to our pool of servers they are safer than in your hard drive.

Shared and up to date.
Being online, your documents can be shared amongst your staff members and be downloaded or printed immediately on request (including at a later date) from home, from the office or from your laptop.

Generate Documents Easily.
ClassMaster can generate all kinds of documents with your own design or from our templates. Documents and certificates are printed in seconds with the addresses, booking data and invoice details automatically filled in for you.

Automatic student reports

Print beautiful reports and certificates for your students: enrolments, attendance summaries, test results, can be shown. You can customise the report with the sections you want.


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Key Facts

  1. Safe and secure.
  2. Centralised document storage.
  3. Automatic creation
  4. Customisable

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