Getting Started with ClassMaster

What currency do you bill in?

We invoice once a year in Euros based on the number of active users you have in your school’s account. If your country is outside the Eurozone and you want to fix your currency exchange rate we can agree a rate in advance.

We have a number of different locations for our school. Can ClassMaster deal with that?

There are a number of possibilities. Let’s assume that the schools are run independently and do not share teachers, rooms etc., in that case we would create them as independent schools but so that the management could switch between them via their dashboard. No school would be able to see the other school’s details. If the schools shared items such as teachers etc., we would combine the locations and suggest that you you use coding in creating classroom names, course codes etc., to be able to differentiate. There is also the possibility of a combination of these options i.e. location A+B combined but location C run separately.

What are the steps involved in taking ClassMaster?

     • Demonstration.

If you are completely new to ClassMaster you will probably want to have a demonstration of the system. This can take place over the Internet via Skype. Click here to arrange a demonstration.

     • Access to test site

If you want to spend more time looking at ClassMaster we will give you access to a test site for you to try this for yourself

     • Sign Contract for one year.

Next we will send you a contract for a minimum period of one year. The main provision of the contract is that we must protect and never use your data and various points on back up.

     • Create your school’s account in ClassMaster.

Next we send a questionnaire about your school: rooms, holidays, languages, levels etc., This information is used to create your school in ClassMaster.

     • Uploading Data.

We can upload a lot of your school’s existing clients, teachers, students in Excel or something which can be converted into Excel we can upload this information for you into your account. We will send you a list of what we can upload and the data fields required.

     • Create Documents.

Classmaster can produce all accounting documents: invoices, receipts, credit notes etc., for your school. If you are going to use this feature we create them with you logos and details on standard templates we have. You can also print out certificates and assessments and student contracts to your own design.

     • Training.

We have a number of videos to help new users and a user guide for teachers. We can also send your administration staff some tasks to do to to help them become familiar with ClassMaster. This can be done earlier when we give you access to a test site.

Can I have a demonstration of ClassMaster?

Yes, we can give you a demonstration over the Internet using Skype. It will be in English and typically it takes about 45 minutes. Click here to arrange a demonstration.

We often visit schools, particularly in central and eastern Europe for promotions, training etc., so it might be possible to have a visit to demonstrate ClassMaster.

Can I try ClassMaster before deciding whether to take it?

Yes, we can give you access to a test site which you can explore at your own pace. We can also give you a number of tasks to do in the test site to see how things fit together.

Even after signing for ClassMaster the first few months are free and you can cancel anytime in that period without incurring any costs.

 Data and Security Questions

Can I upload my school’s existing data?

Yes, provided it is in Excel format or can be converted into Excel it can be uploaded. There are a wide range of items which can be uploaded such as: Companies, Students, Teachers, Courses, Prospects ( Students and Companies ).

We will send you an Excel sheet showing the fields required and upload it into your account for you.

How secure is my data?

Our software is hosted by Arvixe in the USA. There are two data centres which continually back one another up. There is a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and 24 hour a day maintenance of the data centre. The data centres have been independently audited and certified as to the controls and safeguards in hosting data and IT infrastructure. Further details can be seen here

Can I download my data from ClassMaster?

Yes, you can take your data out whenever you wish. There are export to Excel signs on the most used pages throughout the system. Even if there is not you can still cut and paste any page into Excel.

What happens to my data if I decide to stop using ClassMaster?

You can delete a great deal of information such as lessons, courses etc., but you cannot delete some root items such as users. You can, however, remove any identifying factors such as name, phone numbers, addresses etc., from users so that there is no trace of the individual left.

This is covered in another FAQ section: Working with Users – Can I remove a Users details?


Below are FAQs for schools using ClassMaster

 General questions asked by Schools using ClassMaster

What is the difference between Semester holidays and National Holidays?

Semester holidays are generally those which schools take i.e Spring break, Winter break. National holidays are those which everyone takes i.e. Easter Monday, December 25th etc.,

Holidays for your country ( National holidays ) and your school ( Semester holidays ) are uploaded into your account when we create your school in ClassMaster. When you add lessons to any course in your school no lessons are created for National holidays. If, when you created the course, you ticked the Semester box then no lessons will be created for both National holidays and Semester holidays.

What is the difference between a Primary Teacher and a Teacher?

A course can have any number of teachers but one must be the Primary Teacher. The Primary teacher is responsible for the course “paperwork” – Needs Analysis, Monthly Progress Reports, End of Course Reports – and these items will appear on the Primary Teacher’s dashboard to be completed. All other teachers are only responsible for the attendance and lesson comments on lessons directly assigned to them.

Here is a short video on how to change Primary Teachers.


 Working with Users

There are four types of users in ClassMaster: Students, Teachers, HR Managers and School Admin

How can I check and make changes to users’ statuses in ClassMaster?

Here is a short video on how to check and change users’ statuses.

Click here to launch tutorial.

Can I delete a User?

No. You can make them inactive, which means you are not charged for them. You can untick the Active box on the individual user card. Here is an example from a Company Contact Person but the principal is the same for every type of user:

If you want to see which users are active in your school you can filter users by active/inactive.


Can I remove a user’s details?

Although you cannot delete a user you can change all their details to neutral if your country has some data laws which prevent the retention of personal data. Here is how to do it.

Here is the same student’s card

You can replace all fields with XXXX for example but the User Name and Password cannot be changed.  

You should also make them Inactive and disable access

You can continue also add XXXXX to the User’s other fields i.e. addresses. 

It is not a good idea to remove teachers’ names as these appear on lessons etc., but removing their personal data is done as above.

What is the difference between Active and Inactive, Access Enabled and Access Disabled?

When a user is created in ClassMaster they are created as Active – the active box on their card is ticked. This means that they can be placed in lessons ( students) or assigned lessons to teach ( teachers ).

An inactive user cannot be placed in lessons.

A further difference is that you are not charged for users who are inactive in your school’s ClassMaster account.


Access Enabled and Access Disabled refers to whether the user can access their data in your school’s database. A user who is enabled – has the Access Enabled box ticked on their card – will see their information. A user who has Access Disabled – not ticked –  will get a message saying “You are no longer active in system. Please contact School Admin.”

These means there are the following possibilities:

Can be placed in courses? Can log in?
Active User with Access Enabled Yes Yes
Active User with Access Disabled Yes No
Inactive User with Access Disabled No Yes
Inactive User with Access Enabled No No

 Working with Courses & Lessons

If a lesson is cancelled will it automatically be added on at the end of the course?

No. It is not possible for the system to know that a lessons needs to be added on as some courses might not need it to happen. However, when you are cancelling a lesson it is possible to create a new lesson at the same time.

How can I find out how many lessons were cancelled as I need to reschedule them at the end of the course?

As a course, or school year, comes to an end you may want to discover how many lessons were cancelled and need to be made up. Here is a short video showing you how to do it.

 Emailing from ClassMaster

Emails are sent from our server so should be sent as No Reply emails. If you think that your email will create some questions put a reply to email address in the email.

Are emails sent from your server in bulk considered as spam?

Our emails are not sent out altogether but one after the other and are therefore not spam. This may mean that your email is nor received immediately but are placed in a queue.

However, you may occasionally find that a recipient’s email address has a high security setting that does not allow unfamiliar email addresses through.

Can I see who has opened or read my emails?

No, this is not possible.

Can I send emails from ClassMaster using my own email address?

Yes, this is technically possible but we will need to speak with some one from your technical side to discuss your email settings and to set this up.


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