There are 4 types of users in ClassMaster: Students – both public and company, Teachers, Company Contact Persons and School Admin.

There are some points in common with all of them.

To create a user go to Admin – Add New User


and a card will appear this is the same for creating all users at this stage. When you select your User Type the lower of the card will appear. Don’t fill in any of the other fields at this stage.



User Name: This must be unique to the whole of the system and once created cannot be changed.

Password: This must be at least 7 keystrokes long and contain at least one letter, one number and one sign i.e. !£$$%@. You can use the Generate Password button to help you.

Email Address: These do not have to be real email addresses but it is much better to try and get the students’ real emails as you can use ClassMaster to email students and if you have too many non-real addresses your email account could have problems .

Asterisks: These are essential items on cards. If you don’t have the correct information put something in and t can be changed later



Student difference between types

The Email sent tick box is normally checked when the student has been sent their user names and password.

Active means that a student can be placed in a course. For ClassMaster billing purposes it is active users that are counted. No data is lost if a user is marked as inactive.