Once you have selected Student the following card will appear. Fill in the top part:


Student Basic Details – 

The default card which appears is for a public student. Enter the name of the company where it says Public and the rest of the fields will change to those for a company student.

The email button can be used once the student has been created. You might want to send the student their user name and password to access their ClassMaster account.

The Email sent tick box is normally checked when the student has been sent their user names and password.

Active means that a student can be placed in a course. For ClassMaster billing purposes it is active users that are counted. No data is lost if a user is marked as inactive.


Student Basic Details – Once you put in the name of the compant the Family Details section will change as follows:


Custom Fields – is an area that you can create yourself to record any information which is not stored elsewhere. The following is just an example. There is an article on Custom Fields here.


Comments – can be searched for later among all students.


When you have filled in the card click Create at the bottom. Here is a short video showing how to create a company course student: