A Company Contact Person is your main contact(s) at a company where you teach lessons. They will be able to log in and see the teaching records of their company’s employees at your school.

Before you can create a Company Contact Person you will need to create the company. Y0u can find out how to create a company here.

Once you have created your company, select Contact Person and the following card will appear. Fill in the top part:


Contact Person’s Details – A few notes on the above:

  • Select Company – write the name of the company here ( a list will appear after you start to type ).
  • Contact Postion – select from the drop down list the persons position in the company. Details of how to add to the list are contained in List Management here.
  • Access Control – You will need to tick the HR Manager box on the Access Control page for the Contact Person to be able to see anything when they log in.

When you have finished filling in the card click Create.