Marketing and Enrolment

Turn more enquiries into students

Customer contact

Enquiries made by e-mail, telephone or in person are no longer simply filed away. Instead, they are stored centrally as hold-files. Enquiries via your web site go straight into ClassMaster and create a card with their details. This allows you to contact the persons in question at any time – individually or grouped according to specific characteristics.

From enquiries to students

Enquiries can be converted into firm bookings at the click of a mouse without any data having to be entered twice. All of the relevant information on a participant and booking is transferred automatically.

Student Reminders

You can even program ClassMaster to remind you to call students and keep a record of contacts made right on the Student’s Enquiry card

Personalised Emails.

All your prospective students can be emailed in one go but each email can be personalised and contain the student’s name, course they are interested etc.,

Export to Excel

To find out where your prospective students are coming from and analyse what advertising is working best, export to Excel in a few clicks you can see where you marketing budget gets the best return.

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Key Facts

  1. Central storage of all enquiries
  2. Conversion from prospects to students at the click of a mouse
  3. Personalised emails
  4. Export to Excel for analysis

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