Prices and Free Trial

Free Trial of ClassMaster

So confident are we that ClassMaster will meet your needs; we offer a six-month free trial at the start of your contract to allow you to get to know the system and to fully integrate it into your school. If you are dissatisfied in anyway with ClassMaster within the first six months of your contract you have the right to cancel your contract without giving a reason. No charges of any kind: training, data upload, school account set up etc., will be made for this trial period.


The pricing of ClassMaster is designed, like the system, to be as simple and straightforward for users as possible. Charges are based on how many active users you have in the system. A user is someone such as a teacher, student, H.R. Manager, school administrator.

The charge per active user is 1 euro per year with a minimum of 250 euros annual charge. For schools with more than 1000 users we offer discounts and easy payment terms.

Our scale of charges is as follows:

 No. of users

 Annual Charge


1 euro per user


.80 euros per user


.60 euros per user



*The minimum charge per annum is for 250 users i.e. 250 Euros.

Calculation of Number of Users.

Once a year, generally in November or December, we look at the actual number of active users you have in the system on that day and invoice you according to our scale of charges above for the coming year.

We charge only for active users which means that students, teachers etc., who have left the school and who are made inactive by simply unticking a box are not charged for. Inactive users remain in the system with all their data intact and can still be emailed etc., If the student returns to your school, simply tick a box, and they are active again and can be placed in courses.

Payment Terms.

For schools which have over 1000 users we have an easy monthly payment option. This is calculated by taking your annual fee as calculated above and dividing it by 10. This gives the amount of each monthly payment.

As an example: If your total annual fee is calculated at 1250 euros, under the monthly plan you would make 12 payments of 125 euros.

Contract Terms

Our standard length of contract is one year. We will be happy to send you a copy of our standard terms and conditions on request.

Contract Currency

Our prices are quoted in Euros. If you are not in the Eurozone we can convert the Euro price into your local currency for the length of the contract to enable you to control your costs.


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