• Demonstration.

If you are completely new to ClassMaster you will probably want to have a demonstration of the system. This can take place over the Internet via Skype. Click here to arrange a demonstration.

     • Access to test site

If you want to spend more time looking at ClassMaster we will give you access to a test site for you to try this for yourself

     • Sign Contract for one year.

Next we will send you a contract for a minimum period of one year. The main provision of the contract is that we must protect and never use your data and various points on back up.

     • Create your school’s account in ClassMaster.

Next we send a questionnaire about your school: rooms, holidays, languages, levels etc., This information is used to create your school in ClassMaster.

     • Uploading Data.

We can upload a lot of your school’s existing clients, teachers, students in Excel or something which can be converted into Excel we can upload this information for you into your account. We will send you a list of what we can upload and the data fields required.

     • Create Documents.

Classmaster can produce all accounting documents: invoices, receipts, credit notes etc., for your school. If you are going to use this feature we create them with you logos and details on standard templates we have. You can also print out certificates and assessments and student contracts to your own design.

     • Training.

We have a number of videos to help new users and a user guide for teachers. We can also send your administration staff some tasks to do to to help them become familiar with ClassMaster. This can be done earlier when we give you access to a test site.