When a user is created in ClassMaster they are created as Active – the active box on their card is ticked. This means that they can be placed in lessons ( students) or assigned lessons to teach ( teachers ).

An inactive user cannot be placed in lessons.

A further difference is that you are not charged for users who are inactive in your school’s ClassMaster account.


Access Enabled and Access Disabled refers to whether the user can access their data in your school’s database. A user who is enabled – has the Access Enabled box ticked on their card – will see their information. A user who has Access Disabled – not ticked –  will get a message saying “You are no longer active in system. Please contact School Admin.”

These means there are the following possibilities:

Can be placed in courses? Can log in?
Active User with Access Enabled Yes Yes
Active User with Access Disabled Yes No
Inactive User with Access Disabled No Yes
Inactive User with Access Enabled No No