Easy to use

The intuitive user interface makes using ClassMaster as simple as browsing web pages. Your students, H.R. Managers, teachers and staff can start using ClassMaster with little or no training!


Unlimited numbers of users can access your school’s data from anywhere in the world, at any time. All that is needed is a Web browser and an Internet connection.

Safe and secure

Your information is stored in a totally secure database, which is continually backed up to a second database in a separate location. If your computer crashes, simply switch to another machine, enter your username and password and you can immediately continue your work.


Low cost yearly or monthly subscription based on the number of active users your school has allows your school to expand, or contract, its payments to match your needs exactly.

No installation required

Unlike traditional programs ClassMaster does not to be installed on your computer. It works on any system via a browser and Internet connection. No need for a costly IT guy or expensive computer support.


Manage a single school or an entire network. Regardless of the size of your operation ClassMaster remains simple and intuitive but allows you to create your business within the system as you wish.

Continuously updated

We are constantly developing, enhancing and enriching the application with new features. All updates are free and available immediately to all users. No need to install anything! Every time you use ClassMaster you are using the newest and best version.


We are here to help solve problems no matter how small. Need help? Contact us by phone or email and receive a speedy response from our support team.