Language School Management Software
for busy school owners their students, teachers and staff available in 11 languages.

Welcome to the new generation of Cloud based software solutions that deliver an unmatched service to schools and training institutions looking for a reliable, easy to use school management system that saves time, improves productivity and delivers results!

ClassMaster is the most comprehensive language school administration system available today. All aspects of school management are integrated within this one powerful system. Its flexibility means that it is suitable for, and is used by, all types and sizes of language school, starting from small independent schools through to large multi-location school groups.

Please enjoy looking through our web site; we look forward to hearing from you and demonstrating ClassMaster to you soon!

Student Management >>

Have all your students’ enrolment, academic, financial and personal information stored in one easy to reach place.


Teachers >>

ClassMaster is a tool for teachers to store and recall all their teaching records and offer improved communication with students and school administrators alike.

Student Log-in >>

Students’ ability to access their ClassMaster data will make them feel included and build student loyalty to your school.

HR Manager Log-in >>

Enable HR Managers to call up detailed information on their employees language studies: attendance, budgets, progress reports are all on-line and in real time.

Marketing & Enrolment >>

Link your web site to ClassMaster to enroll students easily and gain a way to analyse where your students and potential students are coming from.

Questionnaires >>

We make it easy for your students to provide the feedback you need to move your school forward.

Academic Management >>

Use ClassMaster to free you from routine paperwork and allow you to focus on academic issues and the quality of the teaching that is taking place

School Management >>

ClassMaster offers school owners and managers a perfect overview of their school in just a few clicks.

Finance >>

Manage your cash flow and never miss a payment with automated reminders.

Invoicing >>

From individual students to the largest corporate client SchoolManager can create detailed professional looking invoices in just a few clicks.

Alerts >>

Pro-actively monitor the status and performance of your school automatically. ClassMaster identifies any issues that need attention and presents these as Alerts on your Dashboard.

Documents >>

Never lose a document with unlimited online storage and avoid repetitive work with pre-filled reports and contracts for your students.


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