Academic Management

Never chase paperwork again – almost!

At ClassMaster we understand that dealing with the routine day-to-day admin tasks associated with running the academic side of a school takes the Director of Studies office away from the other more important areas such as checking and improving the quality of teaching,

ClassMaster puts you in a position to see what is behind schedule and to check the quality of what has been done in a few clicks, leaving you free to focus your energies on teacher development, workshops, observations, assessments etc., ClassMaster provides the tools needed to schedule classes, record student information, organize teachers and classrooms and compile reports on everything needed to make your job an easier one to do.


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Key Facts

  1. Students’ details, lessons, and attendance tracking.
  2. Teachers’ details, schedules and assessments.
  3. Easy timetabling of students, lessons, teachers and rooms
  4. Task management and auto reminders
  5. Reports showing all aspects of school performance

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