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Stay in touch with your students.

Students are the foundation of a successful school and anything that can increase the bond between a school and its students can only make a school stronger and more successful.

Attract Students– Give prospective students one more reason to choose you over your competitors. Potential students and parents will be attracted by your value-added services such as access to homework assignments on-line, the ability to preview and review class notes, attendance and finance records.

Retain Students – Your existing students will really appreciate the opportunity to refer back to previous lessons, homework and other data, whether for their current course, or those taken previously, easily and on-line. Students will find it difficult to study elsewhere and lose access to this information. Give them a reason to come back to you year after year and increase your student retention rate.

Increase Contact – Students will have a reason to visit your school’s web site and database more often. The resources page allows you to recommend sites for further studies. The lesson comments and homework pages mean that even students with low attendance can stay in touch.

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Key Facts

  1. Popular with students
  2. Can integrate with your website
  3. User-friendly navigation.
  4. Student can view all their academic and financial data
  5. Ability to view notes and homework for individual lessons

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