Public Courses.
For public courses all the courses and extras (fees, books etc.,) you offer are kept in a Master Price List. This makes the invoicing process very simple – just click on the items the student is buying and all the data is transferred automatically.

Company Invoicing.
As all your course and lesson details are in ClassMaster invoices can be created in a few clicks and are based on what lessons were actually taught. HR Managers can be given access to view invoices and see every lesson that was planned, taught, cancelled late etc.,

Pro Formas, Invoices and Receipts
Can be created easily and issued in the name of course participants, parents’ names or any other kind of recipient.

Print beautiful receipts and invoices.
All your invoicing documents can be printed directly from ClassMaster and customised with your logo, school name, contact details and extra payment instructions.

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Key Facts

  1. Print directly from the system.
  2. Customisable.
  3. Different invoice recipients.
  4. Professional looking.

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