School Management

Keep everyone and everything updated easily and in real time

As a school owner or manager having accurate up-to-date information at your fingertips is vital to the successful management of your school. With ClassMaster as the central contact point for all your school’s information you can log in to your school 24 hours a day.

Increase efficiency
As data only needs to be entered once and is then shared. ClassMaster will streamline your work flow and decrease the time consuming routine tasks of your Administration and Academic staff and free them to focus their efforts on improving the quality of the service you offer your clients.

Your overview of the system will allow you to see which employees need support in the daily operations and where you should allocate your time and resources. You will really notice the time you save and you can rest assured that nothing will be forgotten even if things do get very busy.

Want to know how many lessons were cancelled last month and by whom? Need to know how much profit was made on the sale of books in the last three months? By using ClassMaster this, and much more, is only a couple of clicks away.

Attract Clients
In an increasingly competitive market place a school needs to offer a superior level of service to retain and attract new students. ClassMaster gives you the power to handle more students and bigger corporate clients. The advantages ClassMaster offers your students and business partners can even be used in your marketing and to give you the opportunity to take your school to the next level.

Improve Security
ClassMaster takes care of your data’s security and privacy, so you don’t have to. Your data is stored on our secure servers and is saved daily on a separate backup system, so even if your computer is lost or stolen your data is safe.

Key Facts

  1. Secure central point for all school’s data
  2. Value added service to attract more clients
  3. Increase profitability.
  4. Know what’s really happening as it happens
  5. Take your school to the next level

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