Getting Started with ClassMaster

(English) What are the steps involved in taking ClassMaster?

(English) Can I have a demonstration of ClassMaster?

(English) Can I try ClassMaster before deciding whether to take it?

(English) What currency do you bill in?

(English) We have a number of different locations for our school. Can ClassMaster deal with that?

 Data and Security Questions

(English) How secure is my data?

(English) Can I download my data from ClassMaster?

(English) What happens to my data if I decide to stop using ClassMaster?

(English) Can I upload my school’s existing data?


Below are FAQs for schools using ClassMaster

 General questions asked by Schools using ClassMaster

(English) What is the difference between Semester holidays and National Holidays?

(English) What is the difference between a Primary Teacher and a Teacher?

 Working with Users

There are four types of users in ClassMaster: Students, Teachers, HR Managers and School Admin

(English) Can I delete a User?

(English) Can I remove a user’s details?

(English) What is the difference between Active and Inactive, Access Enabled and Access Disabled?

(English) How can I check and make changes to users’ statuses in ClassMaster?

 Working with Courses & Lessons

(English) If a lesson is cancelled will it automatically be added on at the end of the course?

(English) How can I find out how many lessons were cancelled as I need to reschedule them at the end of the course?

 Emailing from ClassMaster

Emails are sent from our server so should be sent as No Reply emails. If you think that your email will create some questions put a reply to email address in the email.

(English) Are emails sent from your server in bulk considered as spam?

(English) Can I see who has opened or read my emails?

(English) Can I send emails from ClassMaster using my own email address?


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